Why Choose Our Inflatables?

Our inflatable brand was established by the founder of Northern Diver over 30 years ago under the name Osprey. Development began at Northern Diver’s Appley Bridge factory when 2500+ inflatable boats were produced in the UK and sold worldwide. 

Good design and quality manufacture have always been a hallmark of the Northern Diver brand and soon became equally associated with the inflatable equipment we produced due to our expertise in the specialist rescue, commercial and military sectors. 

It’s from this heritage that we continue to offer our ever growing range of inflatable equipment from leisure and performance to commercial and lightweight series. 

We have an inflatable to suit your every possible need and if you can’t find it we will look to create it for you. 

  • Safe/effective in rescue operations 
  • Rapid-deployment for rescuers 
  • Easy to recover a man overboard 
  • Highly manoeuvrable 
  • Efficient in shallow waters 
  • Fast inflation system 
  • Floor options, removable or light (boats) 
  • Large buoyancy tubes 
  • Safe and stable 
  • Heavy duty and lightweight 
  • Easy to fold and to carry 
  • Transportable by a two men crew 
  • Easy maintenance 
  • Fully equipped to deploy in the field 

You can rely on SRE inflatable equipment 

Built with safety in mind, our inflatable equipment offers outstanding life spans for their owners. The large diameter tubes provide buoyancy and improved stability, and our range is CE approved. Every inflatable is designed and built to the highest standards of efficiency and safety, and your chosen model will be reassuringly safe, seaworthy, buoyant and stable. 

Our inflatable equipment is proven to be safe and effective on the water. Professionals expect and demand top performance, quality and reliability, that’s why they chose specialist rescue equipment (SRE) by Northern Diver. 

Obtain incomparable style with SRE inflatables. Easy to stow, our compact inflatable equipment can more than hold their own against competitor models. Their ability to plane at full capacity makes these crafts equally comfortable for crew and passengers. They’re highly manoeuvrable and efficient even in shallow waters. 

Competitively priced, you’re sure to find a great inflatable option for you from our range. They’re heavy duty but surprisingly lightweight as well as being easy to maintain and inflate. Their fast inflation is why they’re easy to rapidly deploy in rescue operations.

Made to last - ISO 9001 quality

From factory to you, we control and monitor quality to ensure you get quality, in build and design. We use the best available technology and materials in inflatable’s, using either Double Walled Fabric (DWF) Hypalon or PVC, to ensure a quality end product. This provides you with a craft that is virtually unaffected by weather, even the excesses of heat, cold or humidity. The make up of the design also protects against, fuel, oil, strong sunlight and everyday abrasion. The use of the DWF construction method means we eradicate pin-holes, cracks and surface air-bubbles on all inflatable floors. Also, Double Walled Fabric (DWF) means our inflatable equipment is more air tight and can withstand a higher maximum air pressure to allow us to use it on any kind of model. Our passion for quality further extends to our top quality components and additional parts.


Modern polymers, which make up what is generally called PVC, is totally different from what is imagined. During testing in arctic Russia at -30°C our boats and rafts performed perfectly. Testing at the other extreme, +45°C, in the heat of summer again resulted in no problems. 

Please note we would suggest to cover the craft up when not in use. Direct sunlight in the long term will degrade any polymer. 

Inflatable Commercial Boats with Aluminium Floor Panels
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Inflatable Lightweight Boats with Inflatable Floors (VIBs)
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Rigid Inflatable Commercial Grade Work Boats (RIBS)
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Inflatable Sleds & Rafts
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Inflatable Kayaks & Catamarans
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Walkways, Paths & Air Tracks
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Inflatable Tubes & Boards
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Petrol Outboard Motors
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