Thermal Garments

Thermal garments are used to keep you warm when diving. For most drysuit dives, you will be wearing some level of thermal protection.  Traditionally undersuits and thermal garments are worn under a drysuit, but some are now ideal for use under a wetsuit as well. Undersuits are available in a wide range of styles, thickness grades and materials, with our own range spanning from the thinnest T... Read More


Thermicore Sub Zero V2 Undersuit

£98.10 inc VAT £109.00 inc VAT

Northern Divers 3mm hotwater suit can be used as a thermal under garment or a wetsuit

3mm Hotwater Dual Use Suit

£89.26 inc VAT £105.00 inc VAT


Waterproof Changing Robe

£89.10 inc VAT £99.00 inc VAT

The Bodycore Sub Zero is a low profile one-piece undersuit, suitable for cold to very cold conditions

Bodycore Sub Zero Undersuit

£80.10 inc VAT £89.00 inc VAT

Bodyline Undersuit | Thermal Garments for Sale | Northern Diver International

Bodyline Undersuit

£52.20 inc VAT £58.00 inc VAT


Thermal Sat Hotwater Undersuit

£48.00 inc VAT £97.00 inc VAT


Bodycore Undersuit

£45.00 inc VAT £50.00 inc VAT

3.7V Portable Power Bank Charger

Portable Power Bank Charger

£25.50 inc VAT £30.00 inc VAT

Drysox Waterproof Socks

£25.20 inc VAT £28.00 inc VAT

Thermicore Hat and Gloves

£15.30 inc VAT £17.00 inc VAT

Hotsox Thermal Socks

£11.70 inc VAT £13.00 inc VAT