Rescue Bags & Cases

We have a wide variety of rescue bags, designed practically, robustly and effectively, for all aspects of rescue. Our range includes, medical bags, dry bags, holdalls, travel bags, R.A.I.D cases, body bags and waterproof wallets. If you would like expert advice or further information about any of our products, please get in touch and a member of our experienced team will be able to advise you further.

Throw Bags & Floating Lines

Throwlines & floating rope or line for flood, river and water rescue. Used by professional rescue agencies and the ... read more >>

Welded Dry Bags 

We stock a range of Dry Bags and Pouches ideal for storing valuables. The designs are waterproof and come in a variety of capacities ... view dry bags >>

Lightweight Holdall Bags

Our range of rescue holdall bags are all strong, spacious and durable. From the 45L Mini Holdall, to the 190L Welded NDB5 Holdall ... view bags >>

Waterproof Hard Cases

Robust. Airtight. IP67. Dust-proof. Ideal for storing any type of equipment, in any conditions ... view hard cases >>

Medical Response Bags

Our range of medical rescue bags are robust and practical, designed for optimum efficiency and ease of access in an emergency ... view medical bags >>

Waterproof Radio Cases

The most trusted waterproof VHF cases on the market, since 1983. View our range of waterproof pouches to keep your kit dry ... view Aquapacs >>

Travel Kit Bags

Our range of travel bags have been carefully designed for your ease of use, whilst being exceptionally hard-wearing, to keep your kit safe when travelling ... view kit bags >>

Mass Casualty & PPE

As recent years have unfortunately shown us, body bags and PPE are vital to hold in reserves for anticipated wars, natural disasters and pandemic events ... view range >>

Custom Bags - Designed For You

We design and manufacture bags for many of our customers. Just like our bespoke rescue drysuits, our goal is to design and manufacture products that fit a customer's needs perfectly. ... read more >>

Photo credits: UK ISAR, Carl Cooper, Lee Newman, Firefighter from Metropolitan Brigade