Rescue Suits

As well as the stock rescue suits we offer with quick delivery, we are also able to design and manufacture any rescue suit to your exact specifications. We have a fast-response system in place to ensure everything you need is dealt with as quickly as possible. Stock suits are available to buy online or call the rescue sales team. 

Stock Rescue Suits

Rescue and Response, Flood Suits, Responder Suits and Wading Suits all stock items that are available for immediate delivery ... view stock suits >>

Boating & Offshore Suits

Our range of boating suits includes a SOLAS approved Transit Suit, Kevlar Boating and 2 Piece Flotation Suits ... view range >>

Bespoke MTM Rescue Drysuits

MTM suits are one of our main specialities. We have the ability to develop and deliver to your exact requirements ... view customers >>

Diving Rescue Suits

We stock a range of diving drysuits in both neoprene and membrane fabrics for use by underwater dive teams and SAR teams ... view drysuits >>

Contaminated Water Drysuit

Our rubber THOR suit is the perfect option for rescue teams when you need more protection than you get from standard suits ... view the range >>

Suit Accessories & Maintenance

Every extra you need for your rescue drysuit from maintenance products and suit accessories to hoods, valves and hoses ... view all >>

Rescue Suit Repairs Service

When suits come in for repair we inspect, test, work on them and then test them again before we send them back to you ... read more >>

MTM Rescue Suit Sizing

Are you unsure what size of suit to buy? No problem we will analyse your measurements and calculate your optimum rescue suit size ... read more >>

Photo credits: Oxfordshire FRS, Mohni - Tallinn - Estonia, West Midlands Ambulance Service, @beaglebuceos, @angelos_nic