Travel Kit Bags

Our range of travel bags have been carefully designed for your ease of use, whilst being exceptionally hard-wearing, to keep your kit safe when travelling. We have a travel bag to suit everyone’s needs. From our 40L Voyager Cabin bag, perfect for short trips, to our 139L Voyager Quest Maxi Bag, the ultimate high-capacity dive bag, when it comes to travelling - we’ve got you covered. If you wou... Read More


114L Voyager Quest Bag

£69.00 inc VAT £116.00 inc VAT

136L Voyager All Terrain Bag

£69.00 inc VAT £83.00 inc VAT

40L Voyager Cabin Bag

£35.00 inc VAT £72.00 inc VAT

NDB5 45L Mini Holdall

£19.00 inc VAT £39.00 inc VAT