A quest to Coltri

Posted 24/06/2019

Our team here at Northern Diver are trusted and empowered to forge new business relationships as well as helping cement our longstanding ones, that's why we took a visit to Italy last week.

Situated close to Lake Garda in the Province of Brescia, Italy, Coltri's head office is extensive and includes an onsite workshop and an expanse of warehousing.

Nathan, our Commercial Consultant and Simon from our engineering team went to visit Aerotecnica Coltri Spa HQ last week, it was 38°!

Having partnered with them for a number of years, our relationship with Coltri is of great importance to our team. The trip was a fantastic opportunity for us to learn about new products, discuss our working relationship and see if there's more we can do to mutually support our customers.

While Nathan learnt even more about the Coltri range and differences between models - all so he can better support you, our customers, with enquiries; Simon had in-depth training and partook in an engineering and servicing course.

Nathan spent time in meetings with the Coltri Sales Team as well as our account manager. This led us having a better understanding of each others companies - the opportunities and difficulties. Not only has this ensured that our businesses will grow together but it has further cemented our business relationship.

Nathan expressed his deep gratitude to our friends at Coltri "The team were incredibly hospitable throughout our stay and made us both feel extremely welcome. It's a great feeling to come back to Northern Diver and share the knowledge we've learned."

We're very proud to say that Coltri were incredibly impressed by Simon's skill level and his enthusiasm. During the courses, he learnt how to rebuild a Coltri compressor, repair one and even build from scratch. Simon told us "The biggest challenge was the repair to be honest. They had a really old compressor that I had to check over and try to fix. Because of the age of the machine, I thought there was no chance, but testament to the Coltri build quality, I got it up and running."

Simon is now a fully certified Coltri Service & Maintenance engineer. Well done Simon!

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Northern Diver visit Coltri HQ, close to Lake Garda in the Province of Brescia, Italy
Northern Diver's Nathan and Simon outside the Coltri offices
Simon from Northern Diver receiving his qualification certificate
The warehouses at the back of the Coltri offices in Italy
Coltri Compressors head office foyer, in Simione, Italy