Who travels 968 miles to come and visit us?

Posted 22/11/2019

Here at Northern Diver, no two days are ever the same, every day, we look forward to both new and old faces walking in to our home based in Appley Bridge, Lancashire – we truly enjoy spending time with you and learning about your lives in our relaxed environment, whilst also ensuring you get the support you need with your purchase.

Today we welcomed Gabriele Borella to our HQ, Gabriele is a Commercial Diver from Milan, Italy. He made the trip especially to get fitted in to and purchase one of our 7mm Compressed Neoprene ‘Origin’ Commercial Drysuits, which he tells us he swears by and has done ever since he became a Commercial Diver over ten years ago. He told us “how the durability, warmth and comfort of the suit was better than any other suit he’d even worn”.

We were thrilled to give Gabriele the full Northern Diver welcome. After a full tour of our facilities and a meet and greet - we really enjoyed sitting down over a coffee and hearing about all of his work and experiences from Aberdeen to Dubai, before letting him get on his way and directing him towards the Manchester Christmas markets before he heads back off to Milan.

Our Commercial Consultant, Nathan said “I really enjoyed having Gabriele spend the morning here, he had me captivated in his stories – we’d really like to thank Gabriele for his loyalty to Northern Diver and extend that he is always welcome to spend time here whenever he is working or visiting in the UK”.

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Who travels 968 miles to come and visit us? image 0
Who travels 968 miles to come and visit us? image 1