Life Jacket Servicing Course Information

At Northern Diver when you purchase a life jacket, or any other equipment, it is only the start of the service we offer - we are here to ensure you get the maximum performance and life out of your kit for years to come. Providing high quality safety equipment and service, is at the heart of everything we do.

Our team of qualified engineers are authorised to service, maintain, and repair our wide range of life jackets for you. However, rather than sending your life jackets to us for servicing, why not learn how to service them yourself?

We are fully qualified to deliver life jacket servicing courses, to teams and individuals alike.

Our training course will ensure you can correctly and confidently complete a six-monthly inspection and leak test, and an annual service.

We will also provide training on re-arming the automatic inflator.

For more information about the course, plus availability and prices, please contact Craig McColl, our Rescue Sales Manager on +44 (0)1257 256934.


Conduct visual checks to assess jacket condition and identify any wear and tear.
Ensure the green manual and automatic fire indicators are in place and take correct measures if not.
Check expiry date on automatic cartridge and replace if required.
Inflation test over 8 hours to check for leaks.
How to correctly repack the life jacket.


Carry out all of the visual checks, and the leak test, as detailed for the six-monthly inspection.
Remove the complete firing head and the CO2 cylinder.
Ensure the piercing cutter moves freely.
Replace the rubber O rings on the firing head and gas seal.
Remove and replace the Schrader Valve in the Manifold Adapter.
Check expiry date of cartridge and replace if necessary.
Check weight of CO2 cylinder against stamped weight and replace if necessary.
Fit a new Manual Firing Indicator and refit the Firing Head to the Manifold Adaptor.
Complete the Servicing Record Table.
How to correctly fold and repack the life jacket.


The United Kingdom Maritime and Coastguard Agency recommends that you service your lifejackets regularly, at least on an annual basis. We also recommend that all life jackets should have a general inspection and leak test at six monthly intervals, to ensure it is in perfect working order. Depending on your usage and the governing authority, it may also be a legal requirement as detailed below. 

  • Annual servicing is a requirement for SOLAS approved lifejackets for professional use and a strong recommendation from authorities worldwide for recreational users.
  • The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) state that for ISO life jackets, the manufactures guidelines for servicing should be followed. In our case this means performing a professional service annually and as previously stated, we also recommend a general inspection and leak test every six months.
  • If you are unsure whether or when your life jacket requires servicing, please contact us and we will be able to advise you further.